Botox: How to Make Marionette Lines?

Does the B autox for Marionette

Botox, which is applied on the Marionette lines, is injected into the area with special needles. Before the filling is injected, the area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. The anesthetic takes place in a short time and the botox applied to the Marionette linesis completed in an average of 20 minutes. People who are not satisfied with marionette lines can eliminate this problem with botox. But while focusing  on Marionette lines, it is also necessary to focus on the clinic and the specialist. In a good clinic, it  is important to perform Marionette lines botox  by experienced specialists.

Marionette Lines Botox

Why Do Marionette Lines Occur?

Among the reasons for the formation of  marionette lines are especially age-related elements. Marionette lines begin to appear on the face and sagging of the face also occur due to reasons. The reasons for the formation of marionette lines can be listed as follows:

  • Facial sagging
  • Loss of volume of the cheeks or a single cheek
  • Increased line folds on the edge of the lip
  • Increased wrinkles
  • Excessive use of mimics

Such reasons cause Marionette’s lines to be more pronounced. People who are uncomfortable with the prominence of these lines can have botox to get rid of these lines  if they want.


 How Marionette Lines Cross?

There are many methods that are applied to remove marionette lines. Marionette lines are formed especially as a result of regional sagging. To prevent these sagging, facial yoga, massage and botox can be done. Botox is the most effective method among them.  Botox application, which is valid for 6 months, is among the first choices of many people. It is both easier to have botox to pass the Marionette lines and the effect rate is higher.

For this reason, Marionette line botox is among the most common procedures today. The development of muscles in the area is stopped for a certain period of time. For this reason, it is made impossible for Marionette lines to be evident again during the period when botox application is  effective.

 Does the B autox for Marionette Lines hurt?

The question of whether marionette botox hurts is a topic that is questioned by many people. Local anesthesia should not be applied to make marionette botox hurt. Local anesthesia is performed to prevent pain, soreness or similar sensations and to complete the procedure successfully. Local anesthesia prevents pain during the procedure. In addition, needles prepared for botox are special injectors.

These needles are not used for other purposes, and their tips are quite thin. With its tips that are thinner than a normal needle tip, it does not hurt during the entrance even if there is no local anesthesia. All needles prepared for Botox are special design and are used only for botox and fillers.


 What Should Be Considered After Marionette Line Botox?

 After marionette lines  botox, as in  every  type of botox, there are things to pay attention to.  Care should be taken for a certain period of time after the application of  botox to remove marionette lines. Things to consider after having Marionette line botox are:

  • After the procedure, there should be no contact with the chin area for 24 hours.
  • It is necessary not to stand in very hot areas and not to go out without protection from sunlight. Accessories such as hats should be worn as protection and sunscreen should not be used.
  • Water should not be touched to the area, water-based creams and make-up materials should not be used. The area should not be covered in any way and products that will prevent the skin from breathing (make-up material, personal care products, etc.) should not be used.
  • It should not be done in waxing.
  • Do not lie on the territory. After the first 6 hours are completed, the horizontal position can be passed, but it is not necessary to lie face down.

When Marionette lines botox is paid attention to these applications, both side effects are not seen and  the  permanence of botox increases.

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