Botox Lip Flip Didn’t Work, Why?

Botox Lip flip Didn't Work, Why?
Botox Lip flip Didn’t Work, Why?

Botox Lip Flip Didn’t Work, Why?

The recent preference of popular practices such as unhappy lip botox or lip flip has led to the emergence of different questions. Especially after some people do not see the desired effect after botox and fall short of their expectations, why they experience this situation is connected to different factors.

As it is known, botox can be considered as a temporary treatment method. The benefits provided for a certain period of time in the injection area gradually disappear over time. For this reason, botox applications may need to be done regularly. Complaints such as Botox lip flip did not work may arise due to different reasons. However, such complaints are rarely seen.

Botox Lip Flip
Botox Lip Flip

In Which Cases Is Botox Lip Flip Done?

When the comments of those who have Botox are examined, it is seen that popular practices such as lip flip are made in line with many different goals. It is possible to use such methods for aesthetic purposes or for treatment. Botox applications to the lips and their surroundings are largely due to aesthetic concerns.

It is possible to perform lip flip applications due to aging or for those who want to get a better look from and around the shape of the lips. Botox is often preferred because it is an application made with injection applications in a short time. It is possible to apply these applications to anyone who does not have any problems in general health and accepts botox application.

What are the complications after Botox?

All other botox applications, especially those who have botox on the lips, may cause various side effects and complications from time to time. Botox side effects are extremely rare. It is also seen that these side effects cause complications due to different adversities from time to time.

In general, botox lip flip did not work before complaints such as whether people have the following complications or not:

路        Rare breathing and swallowing difficulties,

路        pain at the injection site,

路        Headache, neck pain,

路        Vision problems,

路        Allergic reactions, etc.

It is possible that various side effects can be seen and no effect is seen. Some people may also develop metabolic resistance to the active ingredient. It is also possible to see such problems.

Botox Lip Flip
Botox Lip Flip

What are the factors that reduce the effect of Botox?

Among the factors that reduce the effect of Botox are many reasons. In particular, according to the size and strength of the muscles in the area where botox application is performed, it has been observed that its effect decreases to the same extent. With the weakening of these muscles and the loss of volume and strength, the effects can be increased over time. The general condition and structure of the person is seen as the most basic factor in the reduction of the botox effect.

Sometimes it is seen that there is negligence on the part of the people who perform the procedure in the absence of the botox effect. As a cold chain, the toxin should be between -5 and 8 掳 C. If the patient is prepared for application, it may need to be stored in 2 鈥 8 掳 C conditions. Many such details are a prominent factor in not seeing the effect after botox application. On the other hand, the suitability of the person for this treatment and other factors to be considered after treatment are also important.

Botox Lip Flip
Botox Lip Flip

How Long Do Botox Lip Flip Effects Last?

The effect of Botox continues for different periods. Since it is not a permanent method, botox applications may need to be performed regularly. Botox effects are seen in an average period of 4 to 6 months.

These periods, which vary according to the person, need to be followed correctly. Complaints such as Botox lip curling did not work can also be seen as an indication that the effect is not permanent. Various procedures can also be performed with filling or other aesthetic methods. After the first two weeks, the effect will gradually disappear over a period of several months.

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