Forehead Botox: Before and After


What are the Differences Before and After Forehead Botox?

Comparisons made before and after forehead botox make especially women more interested in such aesthetic applications. With forehead botox, which is often preferred in the field of cosmetics today, wrinkles that occur especially around the forehead and eyes can be eliminated in a short time. Since it is a temporary and practical form of treatment, forehead botox is gaining popularity among women. Therefore, women who do research before and after botox on the internet can get the opportunity to rejuvenate with affordable costs and painless solutions.


What is Forehead Botox?

Forehead botox, also known as facial botox, is one of the most demanded aesthetic applications in the cosmetic field. Wrinkles caused by mimic muscles or eyebrow movements in the forehead area can cause serious problems for some women. Dynamic wrinkles, which are directly related to muscle movements, can be eliminated in a short time thanks to botox. According to research, the most important factor in the emergence of wrinkles is the genetic structure of the person. 

People who have wrinkles in the forehead area due to muscle movements and mimics can get a smooth and younger appearance by having forehead botox. With forehead botox, forehead wrinkles caused by eyebrow movements can also be eliminated in a practical and painless way.

How is Forehead Botox Done?

During the application of forehead botox, skin and wrinkle analysis should be performed first. In case of dynamic wrinkles on the face, the contractile structure of the muscles can be controlled with botox application. The processes to be considered in the first place in forehead botox applications proceed as follows:

·        First, the degree of wrinkle is determined by analyzing the face and forehead area of the person.

·        Botox, which restricts the movements of the mimic muscles, is applied in the form of intramuscular injection.

·        In Botox application, some muscles in the forehead area are targeted by using injectors with very thin tips and resembling insulin needles.

·        Botox sessions injected into the mimic muscles vary according to the demands of the person and the existing wrinkle status.

·        Botox, which settles in the muscles, decreases significantly within 3-5 days and the wrinkle is completely removed after at least 2 weeks.

·        During Botox application, the muscles in the forehead area are targeted and the person does not feel any pain or pain because local anesthetic creams are used.


Differences Before and After Forehead Botox

The differences before and after forehead botox cover the processes that women are most curious about. The best results can be achieved in just 2 weeks after botox application in wrinkle removal. However, irregularity and asymmetry may occur from time to time in the treated area. Wrinkles that are seen intensively before forehead botox are completely eliminated within 2 weeks after the completion of the application. As Botox shows its effect, both wrinkles and the symmetry problem that occurs in the forehead area will go away.

How long is the effect time of butt botox?

The duration of the effect of forehead botox usually varies between 3-9 months. In people who do not have very deep wrinkles, a smooth appearance can be achieved for an average of 6 months after a few sessions of the effect. In order to get maximum efficiency from the botox effect, it is important that botox procedures continue regularly for 2 years. 

In this way, when regular and continuous botox application is made, a significant weakening occurs in the mimic muscles. In addition, the differences between before and after botox can be seen more clearly in this region. It may be possible to correct the dynamic line process in the forehead area of the person more permanently. Therefore, in order to obtain more permanent results in the post-forehead botox process, care should be taken to continue the procedures for 2 years.


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