How are Botox Sessions Determined?

botox sessions
How are Botox Sessions Determined?

The determination of Botox sessions is determined according to the procedure  that the client wants to have done, the type of procedure, the number, the specialist and many different factors. Whether botox application is preferred for aesthetic purposes or for therapeutic purposes  also  affects botox sessions.  The most important effect that determines Botox sessions is the general health status of the client.

When determining Botox sessions, it is important that the client and the specialist doctor communicate clearly and healthily with each other.  The determination of Botox sessions and the decision to decide which procedure will be done with which method should be reciprocal. After mutual and good communication, it is  possible to get high efficiency from botox application. In order to get high efficiency, it is important for the client  to explain each element to the doctor from what he wants to have botox to his expectations.

How are Botox Sessions Determined?

The method of determining Botox sessions depends on the communication between the client and the specialist. The client and the expert communicate openly with each other and  decide how to apply Botox. In this process, the specialist should share all information with the client in an equal and transparent manner. The client should decide whether to have the procedure after learning about all the risks, advantages and disadvantages.

 At What Age Is Botox Done?

The age of getting Botox has fallen to the 20s. Botox application can be preferred  by people between the ages of 20s and 50s.   Botox consists of temporary procedures that everyone can have according to their own expectations and the points they want to improve.  Those who want to have Botox can choose botox applications  according to their tastes and needs.

Botox sessions
botox sessions

 How Many Months Does Botox Work?

 The duration of the  effect of Botox is 4 months. after 4 months, Botox begins to lose its effect and 6. As of the month, it completely loses its effect. The general duration of use  of Botox is 3 to 4 months. In this process, the best efficiency is obtained and trouble-free use is made. With the completion of the first 4 months, botox begins to gradually lose its effect.  At this point, botox slowly loses all its effect as of the sixth month.  

The most important factor determining how many months Botox will be effective is the botox material used. As long as the material is of high quality, it does not lose its effect quickly. It is necessary to make sure that the best materials are used in  Botox  sessions.

 Who Can Get Botox?

 Those who have Botox are the people who are suitable for  botox application. Being suitable for Botox means not having any skin and subcutaneous problems. In addition, not being pregnant and being  suitable for botox as an age  are also among the desired conditions.  The suitability of people who have Botox is important not only for their physical health but also for their psychological health.

 How Many Different Areas Can Botox Be Done?

Although Botox regions are more than 30, many people prefer to have the same area treated.   There are special zones designated for Botox and it is  easier to apply botox to these areas  . For this reason, many people  have botox in similar places  . For example, enlargement of the lips, removal of the fringe line between the eyebrows and removal of crow’s feet are among the frequently performed procedures.

 How Much Does Botox Rejuvenate?

Botox rejuvenation age starts from 3 years of age on average and can be increased up to 7 years of age. Especially depending on age, fatigue and genetic transfers, the  rejuvenation rate may be higher after botox. Genetic transmissions can determine how young people will look at what age, aging rates and wrinkle levels. For this reason,  people who have botox usually state that they get younger between the ages of 3 and 7.  With Botox sessions, it is possible to achieve a younger appearance and eliminate all signs of aging on the face.

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