How is Botox Around the Eyes Done?

botox around the eyes

How is Botox Around the Eyes Done?

Botox around the eyes is applied to remove wrinkles known as crow’s feet. People who want to have botox around the eyes are injected with certain doses of fillers. It is recommended to have botox done in safe, experienced and legally authorized places. Botox application around the eyes is among the botox procedures that are frequently performed. This area is the most wrinkled area on the face and botox can be safely applied around the eyes to remove wrinkles.

How long does Botox around the eyes last?

Questions such as how many minutes botox is performed around the eyes and how many sessions the procedure takes are sought to be answered. Botox applied around the eyes is completed between 10 and 20 minutes on average and consists of only one session. It is a short-term application that does not require a second session. Botox procedures usually take a single session and the entire botox application is completed in an average of 20 minutes.

When Does Botox Around the Eyes Have an Effect?

The effect period of botox around the eyes is seven days. it starts to act within 1 week and from the second week the effect is completely established. People who have botox around the eyes can use their botox for a certain period of time  without any problems. When the effect starts to decrease, they can have botox again if they prefer. There are elements that people who have botox around the eyes should pay attention to for the first six hours, twenty-four hours and a week. It is necessary to take precautions such as not washing the face, not lying face down, not entering the sauna  .

How long does Botox around the eyes act?

 The average duration of botox around the eyes is five months. In this botox application, which starts to lose its effect completely as of the sixth month, it is recommended to have botox redone every five or six months. After the first botox attempt, if people have decided on a permanent change, they should prefer surgical methods instead of botox at this point. Surgical methods are riskier and recovery processes take longer. For this reason, many people  find it more appropriate  to have botox aroundthe eyes.

botox around the eyes
Botox Around the Eyes

Is Botox around the eyes harmful?

The question of whether there is any harm in applying botox around the eyes is a matter wondered by many people. Botox applied around the  eyes is not harmful either for the eye or for the general health condition. However, in order to avoid any side effects, it is important to follow the post-botox recommendations and to have botox in quality and safe places. People who want to have botox around the eyes can have a preliminary interview with professionals if they find a good and safe place.

Is There a Filling for Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s foot filler is a type of botox and is made to remove wrinkles around the eyes, known as crow’s feet. The most important factor in the construction of crow’s feet is to remove wrinkles and provide a young appearance. For this reason, especially people in the middle age group prefer methods such as botox and fillers to remove crow’s feet. All types of fillers applied for crow’s feet are basically in botox application.

How Much Does Botox Around the Eyes Price?

Botox prices around the eyes vary according to the place where it is made. The session, the application method, the fillings used in the application, the amount of filling used in the application, the expert and many other factors are factors in determining the price. Therefore, it is   not easy to talk about the price of botox around a fixed or single eye. It is also a more appropriate option to get a price by making a preliminary interview for botox around the eyes.

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