How Long Does It Take Botox Results to Appear?

Is Botox Noticeable from the Outside?

 An average of 30 days is required for  the results of Botox to appear. Within the first 5 days following the application of Botox, the person  begins to understand the differences. within 10 to 15 days, the  effect of botox becomes understandable by the person. In an average of 30 days,  the body adapts to the botox application  and the results of botox  begin to appear.In order  to see the botox results during this period, people should not rush and pay attention to their health status.

Care should be taken to pay attention to the things that should not be done before and after Botox, and to  make additional applications to increase the effect of botox.  People who want to see the results of Botox earlier should definitely pay attention to the area for the first 2 weeks following the botox application.

How Long Does Botox Work?

The time it takes for the effect of Botox to manifest itself and for people to adapt is usually 2 weeks. Within an average of 14 days, the effect of botox becomes understandable and visible. In order for Botox application to settle in the region and for the person to understand the difference, the person must be patient for an average of 2 weeks.

Although it shows its effect from the first moment it is made, it takes time to settle well in the body. In order to get the desired result from the operation, the person should also pay attention to the applications recommended by the experts for the post-botox period. In order to shorten the time of action of Botox, it is recommended not to try additional methods that will damage the skin.

Is Botox Noticeable from the Outside?

Although the recognition of Botox occurs by the person, it  is possible for people outside to notice it as well. During the first 30 days, the difference can only be felt by the person. Later, as Botox will be well established in the body, it may be difficult for other people to notice the difference.

Factors  such as the amount of filler used for Botox, the area where the application is  made, the sensitivity of the application area  determine whether the botox will be noticed from the outside.  When Botox results become visible, people should not worry about whether this difference will be visible from the outside. It is important that people are happy for the transactions they do in line with their own wishes. Comments from outside should not be ignored unless they are sincere.


How many months does Botox stay in the region?

 The average duration of Botox is 6 months. Botox application can be repeated every 6 months if desired. In the repeat phase, the same dose, the same filling and the same methods can be preferred or all criteria can be changed. The consultant himself decides which region the Botox application will be applied to.If there are different regions where botox is desired, then it is recommended to meet with specialists. The retention period of Botox is 6 months and may need to be redone after 6 months.

 Is the effect of Botox enhanced?

There are methods that botox practitioners are looking for to increase the effect of Botox. At the beginning of these methods, botox application is to have botox again without losing its effect. For example, botox, which maintains its effect for up to 6 months, begins to lose its effect as of the fourth month on average and leaves the skin from the sixth month. At this point, the operation can be performed again without waiting for the sixth month. Having regular botox is among the factors that will increase the duration of botox application.

 What Reduces the Effect of Botox?

The reduction of the effect of Botox is the 4th step following the process. It starts as of the month. High yield is obtained in the four-month period and 6. Until the month, the effect of botox application gradually decreases. At this point, methods such as mimic control can be preferred in order not to wrinkle the area where botox is performed. In order to get high efficiency from Botox results, Botox should be done in quality places and by professional people.

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