How Often is Botox Done?

botox done
Is Botox done continuously?

The frequency of Botox should be kept under control. It is important not to have Botox done all the time. In particular, it is not recommended to have botox on the same area.  This is one of the most accurate answers to the question of how often Botox is done. Frequent processing is also not recommended by specialists. Botox can be done in different areas at different times, but it is necessary to wait at least four months to get it done in the same area.

Is Botox Done in a Row?

 Frequent  botox damages the skin and muscles. Although it is not understood at first glance, problems may occur over time.  Botox application should be controlled in order not to deal with permanent problems. Sufficient Botox application both  keeps the efficiency obtained from botox high and its permanence is greater.

Is Botox done continuously?

Botox periods are six-month periods. After Botox is done, a clear difference begins to be seen within fourteen days. In the 4 to 6 month period, it loses its effect and decreases in the body. For this reason, it is recommended to wait six months to have botox. While there is botox in one region, there is no harm in making botox in another region.

botox done
botox done

Is it harmful to constantly take Botox?

Constantly botox is a harmful procedure. It is necessary to allow the skin and muscles to breathe. Certain periods have been chosen to have Botox. Botox is a process that maintains its effect for 6 months and renewal can be done after this 6-month period. However, it is not recommended to have Botox applied to the  same area continuously. The question of how often Botox is done also varies according to the region where Botox will be performed. For example, botox should be done again after 3 months for chin botox. However, this does not apply to every type and application of botox.

In which months is Botox Done?

There are no restrictions on the time of Botox. However, after botox is done, it is necessary to be protected from the sun’s rays. For this reason, it may be better to have botox on days and seasons that are not very hot. Botox, which is not resistant to heat and moisture,  needs to be protected from external factors, especially during the first week. For this reason, it is recommended to have botox in spring and winter. However, botox is not an application that depends on seasons, time and periods. Botox can be done at any time.


What happens if Botox is not done?

There is no rule or clear description of what happens when Botox is not done. When Botox is not renewed, people return to the way they were before Botox. They look the same way when Botox is not renewed, as they were before Botox. People who do not want this change or return renew the botox application within a certain period of time. The problems that arise when Botox is not done are that the person does not like himself and  wants to continue to look like a botoxed state. Apart from these, if botox is done in order to be treated for health elements rather than aesthetics, people often  continue to renew their botox.

How Much Is Botox Made For?

Thereasons affecting the Botox fee vary.  The main factors affecting the cost of Botox can be listed as follows:

  • The area where Botox will be applied
  •  The purpose of Botox
  • The amount or unit of filler to be used
  • Where is Botox done, in which clinic it is performed
  • The specialist who performs Botox
  • Filler material

These and similar reasons determine how much botox application will be. Since the factors are very diverse, it is not possible to determine a single price in botox application and to give the same amount to everyone. The amount of botox used also affects the price, and the same amounts of botox are not used for everyone.  The question of how often Botox is done can be answered by considering these filling rates and prices.

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