How to Exercise After Botox?

after botox

Those who want to exercise after Botox are advised to restrict their movements for an average of 1 week. On the day of Botox, heavy loads should not be lifted in any way and heavy training should not be participated. Those who want to exercise after Botox are advised to wait at least 1 day and at most 1 week.

It is necessary to follow the steps in the exercise program and not to rush to return to regular sports. Those who want to exercise after Botox can make light movements. However, it is recommended that people do not make any movement that will put pressure on the area where botox is applied.  In order to exercise after Botox, it is necessary to act in a controlled manner without haste.

When is exercise done after Botox?

Itis usually recommended to wait 1 week to start exercising after Botox. Botox settles completely within the first four days and the highest efficiency is obtained on the fifteenth day. In order to get efficiency from botox, people should notice the elements that prevent them and should not do the exercises that will harm the botox area.

Exercising while Botox is present does not cause a problem. However, if exercise is done immediately after botox, it is possible to encounter effects such as edema formation and bruising. After Botox is well established and the region has completed the adaptation process, exercise can be started again.

after botox
after botox

Is it possible to massage the area after Botox?

It is not recommended to have a massage after Botox. Massage areas are usually stuffy and steamy areas. For this reason, such areas should not be entered. The same applies to the sauna, jacuzzi and steam rooms. After Botox, it is recommended not to go to the bath. Those who want to have a massage are advised to wait at least 3 days and have a massage the next day. There are also massages for sports, to increase drainage or for therapeutic purposes. These massages should not be applied for the first three days.  Those who want to exercise after Botox are advised to wait for a certain period of time.

Is it possible to do sports after filling the face?

Doing sports after filling is a movement that should definitely not be done. After filling and botox procedures, people should protect themselves and pay attention to many activities for a certain period of time. People who have a filling should not go to the gym for the first three days and should not exercise at home.

It is also important to avoid intense and heavy training. Those who want to do sports after filling the face should listen to expert advice. Failure to follow the recommendations will bring about different problems. For this reason, people are asked not to do sports after filling the face. It is more correct for them not to do sports for a certain period of time and to start sports again after the filling is settled.

Why Not Do Sports After Botox?

Pressure is at the beginning of the reasons for not doing sports afterBotox. After Botox and filling procedures, if sports are tried to be done, the movements in sports will put pressure on the region. As a result of this pressure, problems such as botox not sitting in place or slipping may be encountered. The best option to do sports after Botox is the seventh day. Within the seven-day period, Botox is completely settled and people can continue their lives without any problems.

However, during the first month, very heavy movements should not be done and intense exercise programs should not be entered.The most important issue that those who want to do sports after Botox should pay attention to is pressure and intensity. Hot environments, excessive sweat, pressure, moisture and showering are the elements that should be avoided after botox. Post-Botox exercise should not be done because it includes all these.

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