How to Lift Eyebrows with Botox?

with botox

Botox eyebrow lifting is among the most preferred procedures, especially for women who want to have an aesthetic facial contour. Lifting the eyebrows without any surgical intervention allows to obtain a highly aesthetic and attractive appearance in the person’s face. People who apply to non-surgical eyebrow lifting with the complaint of low eyebrows may prefer the botox eyebrow lifting method, which is a practical and highly successful  method.

Botox Eyebrow Lifting Application

Eyebrow lifting treatment with Botox is applied especially when lowness and sagging occur in the eyebrow area of the person. In this procedure, which is performed without surgery, a sufficient amount of toxins is injected in the eyebrow area. As it is known, the position and posture of the eyebrows are one of the most important factors that determine the facial expression of the person. Since attractiveness is a situation related to eyebrows, women may prefer botox applications in terms of eyebrow regulation. In order to obtain a more aesthetic appearance, eyebrow lifting with botox should be done by experts in the field.

Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lifting Procedure

 Those who want to perform eyebrow lifting without surgery may prefer the eyebrow lifting technique with botox. Over time, depending on the age of the person, there is a relaxation of the muscles around the eyes. It is essential to intervene in these muscles in order for the eyebrows to stand as springs and raised. In such requirements, effective solutions can be obtained without incision marks on the skin, that is, without going under the knife for surgery. A highly aesthetic appearance can be gained with eyebrow lifting with botox without any additional application.

with botox
with botox

How is Eyebrow Lifting Done with Botox?

During eyebrow lifting with Botox, first of all, the expectations and demands of the person are taken. In this process, eyebrow analysis is performed using various technological equipment. Then, the following stages are applied in the eyebrow lifting process with botox under the supervision of experts:

  • The person should clearly express the desired change and innovation in the eyebrow structure to the specialist.
  • In line with the demands of the person, planning is made after analyzing the structure of the eyebrow.
  • Toxin is applied to the eyebrows and a more attractive and aesthetic expression is given to the face.
  • Botox toxin is injected into the necessary areas of the eyebrow using highly hygienic equipment.
  • Since the needles used in this procedure are small, no pain is felt in the eyebrow lifting process with botox.
  • At the same time, practical results can be obtained because the person does not need to make a special preparation before eyebrow lifting with botox.

It is quite normal to see slight redness around the eyebrows after eyebrow lifting with botox performed under the supervision of specialists. Such rashes heal again within 2 days at the latest. In this context, eyebrow lifting with botox is a non-surgical application that eliminates the disproportions and lowness in the eyebrow structure that adversely affect the self-confidence of the person.


Things to Consider in Botox Eyebrow Lifting

Thereare important details in eyebrow lifting with B  otox. The most important first stage in this process is eyebrow analysis and design. Since everyone’s face line and expectations are different, design should be made according to the demands of the person and the structure of the eyebrow he has in this area.

At the same time, the dose amount to be applied in the eyebrow lifting process with botox should be well adjusted and no toxins should be injected more than necessary. In the absence of such good adjustments, a person’s facial expression may be distorted and even the eyebrows may be located in a very different position. There is no need to worry, as there will be no scars on the skin as a result of the method. In general, botox eyebrow lifting can be applied in a short time because it gives practical results.

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