How to Make Bunny Lines Botox?

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During the construction of bunny lines botox, certain points on the face are marked.

How to Make Bunny Lines Botox?

During the construction of bunny lines botox, certain points on the face are marked. Among the important points for bunny lines botox are the areas that can fold. The back of the nose and the edges of the nose are between these areas.

Why is Bunny Lines Botox Done?

Although the reasons for performing nasal botox vary from person to person, it is generally due to aesthetic concern. With this botox applied to the sides of the nose and back, it is aimed to remove the lines that appear during laughing. For this, some muscles that are not normally actively used are targeted. These muscles, which do not have an important function, are immobilized with small touches. Muscles can be made uncertain with bunny lines botox, which should be done regularly.

During Botox, the muscle that pulls down the tip of the second nose is relaxed. In this way, the tip of the nose is raised and creates a more aesthetic appearance. Nose tip lift, which occurs between 1 mm and 2 mm, is a fast and simple application for people.

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Why is Bunny Lines Botox Done?

Do Laughing Wrinkles Pass with Nasal Botox?

The procedure performed to pass the laughing wrinkles with botox is referred to as rabbit botox. Bunny lines botox is applied locally to remove the folds and lines that are more prominent in some lines. Rabbit lines botox, also known as nasal botox, targets parts of the Bunnylines. If the Bunnylines muscles, which do not have a significant function on the face, are overdeveloped, they cause lines and unpleasant images. Botox applied to remove these lines shows its effect between 7 days and 15 days. The effect of Botox application lasts for an average of 5 months.

What is the Nasal Tip Lifting Method?

During the removal of the tip of the nose with botox, the depressorseptinasi muscle is targeted. In this process, the tip of the nose can be lifted up to one centimeter. The details of nose tip lifting are as follows:

路        A single injection is used in the procedure.

路        It takes about two minutes.

路        After painless botox, it is easy to return to social life.

路        The effect of nasal tip lifting botox can be up to half a year.

路        Crow’s feet botox can also be done in the same session as nose tip lifting botox.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

People who want to have rhinoplasty without surgery should get help from a specialist on this subject. Botox specialist aims to give the areas that people complain about a more aesthetic appearance with botox. In the botox procedure performed on the nose, the Depressorseptinasi muscle is targeted. With the blocking process, the tip of the nose can be removed by a few centimeters. Thanks to the botox applied to the wings of the nose, the wings are pulled sideways and the wrinkles that occur during laughing can be prevented. It will be more effective to use a static one instead of a dynamic nose tip. The static nose tip has a structure that is not affected by laughter and mimics.

Like bunny lines botox, non-surgical nose botox is a painless and painless method. This procedure, which takes a few minutes, will allow people to have a more aesthetic nose. People who do aesthetics with Botox are generally among the people who cannot afford surgical procedures and have a low nose tip.

Nose filling and nose botox can be used in combination. Botox, which is preferred by people who do not take the risks of surgery and the cost of surgical procedures, can regulate mild nasal dermies. People who are worried about nose surgery prefer rhinoplasty.

During the nose tip lifting botox, the appropriate dose is calculated and the procedures are started.聽People with belts on their nose can straighten their backs with filling applications.聽Injections made to the tip of the nose during the session can make the nose look more aesthetic.聽Thanks to Botox, the existing nose profile is corrected.

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