Is alcohol used after Botox?

after botox

It is known that many people are confused about using alcohol after Botox. Especially in recent years  , people who have frequently had botox in the face area should pay attention to some issues in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. However, since botox application reaches visible effects within 1 week from the first session, some behaviors should be considered during this time. For example,  the doctor’s recommendations must be followed about the use of alcohol after botox.

after botox
after botox

Is it possible to drink alcohol after Botox?

There should be no rush for the consumption of alcoholic beverages after Botox. In botox procedures applied  to the face  , alcohol should not be taken for the first 6 hours in order to avoid redness and edema. At the same time,  alcohol, which has the risk of triggering various complications other than bruising  after botox, should not be consumed until 1 day has passed after botox application unless it  has to. Some people  think about drinking alcohol and coming to the session because they feel nervous before botox procedures. However, just as  after botox, it is recommended not to  drink alcohol until 1 day before botox in  order not to trigger facial stretching.

Things to Do After Botox

What should be considered after Botox is important for the application to create visible changes as soon as possible.  Alcohol cannot be used  after Botox and blood thinners should not be used.  In order to achieve the most ideal results in Botox treatment, it is necessary to act by following the recommendations of experts. It is recommended to discontinue some blood thinners  1 week before botox and to start using them again after  1 week after botox  treatment.

You can learn the details that you should definitely consider in this regard  from the  experts in the clinic where you have botox. However, after botox, it is necessary to avoid lying face down for 4 hours or the first night.  People who have had facial botox should be careful to sleep on their back on the first night.

after botox

Is it possible to massage after Botox?

The issue of massage after Botox is also a subject that people who have frequent massages are curious about. Experts  say that activities such as excessive exercise and swimming should be avoided for at least 24 hours after botox treatment. However, it  is not useful to massage the botox area.  Botox can be unintentionally displaced or deformed due to massage movements. For this reason, experts repeatedly emphasize  that massage and rubbing should be avoided in the face area until 48 hours after botox application.

Things to Consider in the Shower After Botox

 There are some points to be considered for people who want to  take a bath after Botox. Botox application is a type of aesthetic treatment that does not show its effect immediately and creates visible changes in a certain time. Therefore, it is  necessary not to touch the botox area with water in any way until six hours after the procedure.  It is forbidden to wash and rub the face after Botox, as well as to take a shower.  After the Botox treatment, 6 hours have passed, gently washing with soap and water can be done.

On the other hand, exposure to high heat after botox is not a good thing.  People who have had facial botox should avoid hot water to avoid creating redness and edema in this area.  In the first days after Botox, hammam and sauna are definitely not recommended. However, following the doctor’s recommendations, a bath with hot water can be taken within a few days. It is necessary to strictly follow all the details that need to be known about Botox treatment. For example,  small details that are overlooked, such as using alcohol after botox, are  one of the behaviors that prevent the botox process from reaching successful results and disrupt aesthetic treatment.

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