Is Botox Made for Smile Lines?

Smile Line
Is Botox Made for Smile Lines?

Is Botox Made for Smile Lines?

Botox for lines caused by smiling is generally applied to the lips and their surroundings.  Botox for smile lines may show some differences depending on the nasal line depths, lengths and shapes. Laugh lines that are faint in some patients can create depth in some patients. Because of these variables, Lemperle created a classification category. Which of the categories will be decided after the evaluation of the patient. The following heading contains the articles of the categories.

Classification of Smile Lines

The grouping of smile lines is done as follows:

  • Wrinkle-free skin
  • Wrinkles at a certain level
  • Shallow wrinkles
  • Wrinkles that would be considered partially deep
  • Deep wrinkles in well-defined areas
  • Too deep wrinkles in excess areas

The above classification is made according to the level of wrinkles on people’s bodies. Depending on the level of wrinkles, the rate of change in patients varies. In a normal body, the rate of change that will occur with botox in moderate wrinkles is at least 50%.

Voluma is used for lateral oral pressure. The ratio is applied to the volume to soften the outer surface of the pit to the area below the pressure point. Thanks to the product, the layout of the layers from the middle to the deep is changed.

Volift is used when the nasal fold on the body has superficial lines. Alternatively, Radiesse can be used. The product is placed at the corners of the folds and applied in the form of coating.

Botox Applications on Face Lines

During botox procedures for facial lines , Volift is placed in deep folds. The lower layer is also suitable for Voluma. These two products, which are suitable for the correction of nasal folds, have an important place in increasing the durability of botox. The durability period is generally long in hyaluronic acid injections.

During Botox, fewer products can be used to capture the same volume as other products. Wrinkles should not be overfilled in order not to cause a strange looking situation during the mimics and gestures and smiles of the patients.

People who are given Botox should apply cold for one or two days after the injection. In this way, it can be ensured that the product activates the healing tissue. In addition, cold application can prevent displacement towards the nasolabial fold. Lateral displacements towards the laugh lines can be achieved with filling.

Treatment of Wrinkles

Solving wrinkles with botox is a practical process that is completed in just a few minutes.  Botox for smile lines is used in people who frequently use mimic muscles for years and therefore have skin folds. The areas where skin folds are most often formed are the forehead, eye edges, between the eyebrows and around the lips. Eye edges and forehead cause people to look older. The lines formed between the two eyebrows make people look more irritable and frowned. Botox applications to mimic muscles weaken the movements of the muscles. The decrease in muscle movements can help the person to achieve a healthier skin. The procedures performed on the places where the skin is folded are effective on the facial expressions that look angry and old.

smile lines
Smile Line Botox

Face Shaping with Botox

Facial shaping with botox is especially preferred by people who do not want to undergo any surgical procedure. During facial botox, the injection can be applied to the tail parts of the eyebrows. In this way, the elevations on the edges of the eyebrows, which cause a confused appearance, can be lowered.

Thanks to botox applications for smile lines, it is possible to make the gum look unaesthetic. Massetter hypertrophy procedure is also effective on botox applied on the face. Botox applications are not performed for wrinkles, but to act on the chewing muscle, massetter hypertrophy. During the procedure, the square face of the patients can be corrected and create a more aesthetic appearance.  In this way, a more aesthetic face emerges.

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