What are Botox Areas?

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Which Botox Areas Are Available?

Botox areas generally cover the face area. In the face area, it can be easily applied to many different points. Botox areas are as follows:

·        Eye contour

·        Under-eye

·        Eyelids

·        Nose top

·        Between nose and eyebrows

·        Nose tip

·        Nose wings

·        Above the lip

·        Lip

·        Below the lip

·        Chin

·        Cheeks

·        Neck

·        Neck edges

·        Forehead

·        Between the eyebrows

The most commonly applied botox areas are. People who want to have Botox can have the application with the most appropriate methods for them.

Botox Areas
Botox Areas

What are the Types of Botox?

Botox varieties contain many different methods. These methods are determined according to the purpose and which region the botox is applied to. All botox types and applications can be separated from each other in line with the goals and objectives. At this point, botox types can be listed as follows:

·        Botox (psycho botox) made for psychological reasons

·        Smile aesthetics

·        Treatment botox (such as teeth grinding)

·        Antiperspirant botox (especially for hands and feet)

·        Chin botox

·        Facial thinning botox

·        Preventative botox

·        Rejuvenation botox

It is found among the most common types of botox.

Botox Areas
Botox Areas

Is Botox Done to Remove the Tip of the Nose?

Nose tip lifting with Botox is a condition preferred by many clients. Although nasal tip lifting is not possible for everyone, it is among the procedures that many people can do. The main reason why it cannot be done for everyone is the nose model. Due to the cartilages at the tip of the nose and the structure of the nose, it is not possible for everyone to lift the tip of the nose. People who have a nose structure that will allow this process can easily have the nose tip lifting process with botox.

Is Botox Made to Thin the Face?

Facial thinning with Botox is a possible condition. People who want to thin their face but do not want to have surgery often prefer botox applications. With Botox applications, the face can be given a thinner appearance in an average of 3 months. The chin area, which is located between the Botox regions, can be treated to thin the face. By planning additional sessions following this procedure, the thinning rate can be increased and the retention period can be extended.

Botox Areas
Botox Areas

Is Botox Made for Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding treatment can be done with Botox. At this point, it is important why botox is done and for what purposes. Botox can also be done to prevent health problems such as teeth grinding. Although the problem of teeth grinding is perceived as a small problem, it has great harms especially for dental health. In order not to be exposed to these damages, botox can be preferred to prevent grinding and teeth clenching. Today, Botox can be done not only for aesthetic pleasures but also for treatment purposes.

Does Botox Rejuvenate?

It is possible for Botox to rejuvenate. This rejuvenation becomes possible with the elimination of wrinkles and lines. People who have Botox say that they are young up to 5 years of age. How to achieve a youthful appearance depends not only on the botox application, but also on the person. If the person’s wrinkles or lines are too much and there are regional sagging on the face, it is also possible to look young up to 10 years of age with a holistic botox application.

Is Dysport Botox of Good Quality?

Dysport botox is also a botox application method and content. People who have Dysport botox can choose classical methods if they want, and new methods if they want. Dysport botox shows its effect in a longer time and maintains its effect more than classic botox applications. Dysport botox application is also FDA approved and should not be applied anywhere other than legal places. Dysport botox areas also cover many areas of the face and neck area.

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