What are Botox Injection Sites?

Botox Injection Sites

What are Botox Injection Sites?

The areas where Botox is performed are usually the face area. It has basically begun to be used for the upper half of the face. Botox, which is effective on eyes, eyebrows, forehead and jokes, has become a way that can be applied to the whole face over time. Its development over time stems from the connection between supply and demand. Botox application is made based on Botox injection sites. Botox needle areas, which were few at the beginning, can be 30 or more today.

When determining Botox injection sites, medical processes, wishes and needs of people and applicability are emphasized. For this reason, botox application cannot be made to every region. With the increase in developments in the future, the number of botox injection sites may increase. But today there are regions that are grouped from 30 to 35.

Five Regions Botox Which Regions Are Applied Tox?

Five regions of botox application is applied to the face area. The five regions where botox is applied are as follows:

路        Forehead area

路        Eye contour

路        Around the lips

路        Around the eyebrow

Five regions are the regions where botox application is performed. Botox applied around the lip is applied in different groups and thus the total number of areas increases to five. Botox, which is applied to the forehead area in the middle of the eyebrows, is applied to the known eye edges with crow’s feet around the eyes. The main goal of five zone botox is to remove wrinkles and provide a holistic rejuvenation.

It does not focus on a single point and a comprehensive plan is made and botox is applied to five regions.聽It can be done in sessions or sometimes five regions botox application can be completed in a single session.聽The number of sessions and other details are issues that experts and clients need to decide together.

Botox Injection Sites
Botox Injection Sites

How Many Areas Is Botox Applied Tox?

The areas where Botox is performed are mostly around the forehead, eyebrows and eyes. Although it is applied more to the upper part of the face, it has started to be applied for the lower part of the face today. Botox can be applied to the lips, nose, chin, tickle, neck and even ears. Botox can be performed in various variations on a single area such as the top of the nose, lifting the tip of the nose, nose wings. Although the number of regions where Botox is applied is considered in a single way, the number of regions where Botox is applied increases due to its variations. The variation seen in Botox injection sitesalso shows the scope and capacity of botox.

Where are the places where Botox is made?

Botoxed areas can be listed as follows:

路        Forehead

路        Between the eyebrows

路        Nose top

路        Nose edges

路        Nose tip

路        Above the lip

路        Neckbands

路        Chin

路        Below the lip

路        Detention

路        Crow’s feet

The most common areas where botox is performed are applied. The number of botox applied to these areas, the purpose of doing it and other elements may vary from person to person.

Why Botox is Done?

The reasons for having Botox can be listed as follows:

路        Removal of wrinkles

路        Lifting the tip of the nose and eyebrows

路        Get a more aesthetic look

路        Capturing the golden ratio

路        Preventing dental problems

路        Stop gnashing of teeth

路        Prevent teeth clenching

路        Wrinkle removal on the neck

路        Removing sagging neck

路        Recovery of the tickle

路        More prominent jawline

路        Shrinkage of the jawline

路        Thinning of the cheeks

路        Reveal the cheekbones

路        Thickening of the lips

路        Solving the problem of migraine

路        Preventing the nose wings from moving

路        Removal of lines due to mimics (e.g. frown line)

路        Gaining a youthful look

路        Delaying aging

It is among the reasons why Botox is done.

How Much is Botox?

The price of Botox聽varies according to the injected area, clinic and different elements.聽Each specialist and clinic sets different prices.聽The high level of diversity is also one of the main factors that have an impact on prices.聽Botox injection sites are聽quite extensive.聽Due to reasons such as this scope and capacity, prices may fluctuate.

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