What Does a Botox Injector Do?

What is Botox Needle?

During the injection of Botox, injectors specially produced for botox are used. These injectors are not used everywhere and for all purposes. Injectors produced for specific purposes and targets should only be used for botox. Botox injectoris also very difficult to find everywhere. For this reason, many clinics bring products from abroad. Botox and botox materials are not yet very developed in Turkey. Therefore, it is often encountered to bring products from abroad in order to obtain the products. 

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What is Botox Needle?

Botox needle is a needle specially developed for botox application. These needles, which can be applied to the face and neck area from 30 different places, are specially produced. The properties of these products, which should not be confused with normal needles and injectors, are different. Compared to the needles with the norm, the tips are produced as thinner and they are used only for filler and botox purposes.

Does Botox Needle Hurt?

Although it is possible for the Botox needle to hurt , nothing is felt because local anesthesia is applied during botox application. Botox application is completed between 10 and 20 minutes without any pain, pain, relief or vice versa. Therefore, even if the needle is normally painful, the clients do not feel felt because local anesthesia is performed. Local anesthesia creams used to prevent the botox needle from hurting are also among the indispensables of botox application.

 Which Injector is Used in Botox?

The injectors used  in botox are models  that are produced specifically for botox and have different examples. The values vary due to the fact that all injectors used for Botox are specially produced.  In applications using Botox injectors, different injectors should not be used.


How Many Botox Injections Are Made?

The number of Botox needles varies according to the procedure. Depending on the session, region, person and many other factors, how many injections of botox will be made. In particular, the most important factor affecting the proportions and the needle is the persons. Each botox application is determined according to the client. Therefore, how  many injections of botox will be given varies from client to client. In addition, when the region to be applied and other special reasons are included in the work, it is more difficult to say a clear number for the number of botox needles.

How Many ML Fillers Does a 10 CC Injector Do?

The 10 cc botox injector can take up to 10 ml of filler. When mathematical calculation is made, 10 centimeters of earrings should be given. 10 cubic centimeters is equivalent to 10 milliliters. Therefore, if the overall capacity of an injector is determined as 10 cc, this means that it can receive 10 ml of filler. Considering that the lowest 0.5 ml botox application is made during Botox, it  is  normal to say that a filling rate of 10 cc is very high.

What are the Properties of Botox Needle?

The properties of the Botox needle can be listed as follows:

  • It has extra-thin walls.
  • It has cannulas prepared with the end closed  .
  • Canules are flexible.
  • The variety of needles and cannula is very large. Thus, the desired filling can be done easily.
  • Invisible needle feature. Thus, needle marks do not form on the skin during the injection process under the skin.
  • It is offered for sale in safe and special packages.
  • Health approvals are obtained.
  • It is packaged in capsules.
  • Since it is the thinnest needle ever prepared, even if local anesthesia is not applied, no negative situations such as needle-based pain, pain, ache and discomfort are encountered. It is prepared in such a way that no pain can be felt.

Botox injector is different from other needles and injectors. For this reason, only these injectors should be used during the process.

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