What is Masseter Botox, How is it Done ?

Masseter botox
How is Masseter Botox Done?

When we look at the effects of Masseter botox before and after, it is seen that there are many benefits.  Thanks to masseter botox, also known as chin botox, it is ensured that the jaw structure is restored to more smooth lines.  Masseter is basically the name of the strongest chewing muscle. Masseter therapy or pin is required  to  treat many problems that arise after the growth of this muscle due to some problems.

With jaw botox or masseter botox, the solution of patients’ masseter hypertrophy problems is provided. Different techniques and methods can be preferred to apply this process. According to the general health status of the patients and their physician preferences, masseter botox applications can be performed.

What is Masseter Botox (Chin Botox) ?

Those who have Masseter botox are greatly satisfied with the procedure with the many benefits they obtain.  Masseter botox is a procedure applied to eliminate the problems that will be seen after problems such as the growth of the masseter muscle in the side part of the jaw.  It is also possible to define it as an aesthetic procedure in which the lower part of the face, where the masseter muscle is located, is thinned.

There may have been many different reasons for performing this procedure, also known as chin botox . Due to different reasons, such as teeth clenching and grinding, chewing too much gum and consuming hard foods too often, masseter hypertrophy may occur. For the treatment of this condition , it may be necessary to resort to jaw botox.

Masseter botox
asseter botox

How is Masseter Botox Done ?

Masseter botox damages are almost non-existent. It is preferred by many people, especially with the benefits it has. Masseter botox procedures can be performed using different methods.  When we look at general applications, small doses of botulinum taxito are injected directly into the masseter muscle.  The main goal of the muscle is to grind the teeth involuntarily and weaken the jaw enough to stop squeezing.

After the muscle is relieved, the problems to be experienced due to the pressure seen in the teeth will disappear. Temporomandibular joint damage and headaches will also disappear after these applications.  It  is aimed to achieve the highest efficiency with masseter botox, which can be performed in as little as 10 minutes on average.

What are the Advantages of Masseter Botox ?

Masseter botox prices should be investigated before what kind of advantages it will provide.  It is much more important to resort to such methods according to their health benefits.  In general terms, the advantages and benefits to be obtained in masseter botox procedures can be summarized as follows:

  • It can be done safely and quickly.
  • It is less risky than plastic surgery procedures.
  • The jaw muscles decrease in size, resulting in a thinner, prominent facial line.
  • Problems such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be eliminated.

In particular, jaw botox procedures may be needed to eliminate some common problems such as burxism. In addition, the square appearance of the face on the sides of the chin can be corrected and the face can be thinned.  Although it has many benefits, the expertise of the people who will perform the procedure and  the reliability of the health center where the procedure will be performed are extremely important in terms of health.

In Which Cases Is Masseter Botox Done ?

Jaw botox can be considered as a procedure performed after the growth of the masseter muscle. From a functional point of view, the growth of the masseter muscle does not constitute an obstacle. However, it  is considered as a factor that reduces the quality of life both visually and  by causing pain. For this reason, masseter botox may need to be used.

It is essential to apply masseter botox application in order to prevent this discomfort, which also invites problems such as external clenching  and teeth grinding in sleep.  Especially thanks to the treatment methods developed recently, jaw botox procedures can be performed  much more easily and without risk. In this respect, it is an important treatment that provides many benefits to patients.

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