What should be considered on Botox Day?

What should be considered before Botox?

Among the things to do on Botox day is to reduce the stress level of the person. Since it is applied with local anesthesia, no pain is felt. For this reason, it is important for people to know that they will not feel any pain and to reduce their stress accordingly. All the elements that need to be considered on Botox day and after Botox should be taken care of. Botox is an application that acts quickly and has a strong structure.


What should be considered before Botox?

The things to be considered before Botox are to prepare the area  for botox. Before Botox, the pores should not be treated. It is important not to apply heavy makeup before Botox, not to consume foods that will cause edema and not to eat too fatty. Among the things to be considered before Botox is the choice of clinic. It is also important to investigate and review their references before contacting the clinic.

What Should Be Considered at the Time of Botox?

 Among  the things to be considered at the time of Botox is the correct selection of specialists and the clinic. If the specialist and the clinic are selected correctly, there will be no problems with the procedure. Botox should be applied after  all examinations and controls are performed  . At the time of Botox, local anesthesia should also be used and care should be taken to ensure that the filling materials are of high quality. It is also necessary not to consume alcohol during Botox.

What should be considered after Botox?

The first day of attention after Botox is divided into 3 days, one week and two weeks. The basic rules are not to enter hot environments, not to enter the sauna and steam room, to be protected from the sun’s rays. It is also recommended not to take a shower with hot water. It is also desirable not to apply makeup using a high percentage of material and not to close the pores.

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How many more days is paid attention after Botox?

The attention span after Botox is two weeks. Gradual activities and activities are stretched and the first days are very valuable in this process. It is necessary to pay attention to the warnings given for the first days. As long as the warnings are not heeded, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained from botox application. For this reason, it is recommended that people be careful and continue their due diligence for two weeks, including Botox Day.

 How many hours is not allowed after Botox?

A sitting position may be preferred to sleep after Botox. It is also allowed to sleep while maintaining a semi-seated position. However, it is necessary not to sleep in a supine position, side position or any position that may put pressure on the face. Although 4 hours is sufficient, it is recommended to wait up to 6 to 8 hours and still not to lie face down.  After Botox, the main position of the head should be maintained even when sitting down.

 How many hours of shower is not taken after  Botox?

 A certain period of time must pass to take a shower after Botox. It is important that the area is not contacted with water in any way for the first 6 hours. Although  6 hours is considered sufficient at this point, it is recommended by experts to postpone procedures such as bathing, showering and washing for the first twenty-four hours. If a shower is to be taken after Botox, hot water should not be preferred. It is extremely important to avoid hot and busy environments.

Is Mimic Performed After Botox?

Mimicking after Botox is a procedure that is not recommended. In particular, the use of high amounts and exaggerated mimics should be avoided. For 4 hours, the person should avoid using mimics and protect himself. It is  important to limit the use of mimics in order to protect the facial features and prevent botox from slipping. People who use mimics after Botox is made are also warned by their doctors. On the day of Botox, it is necessary to take care not to make gestures.

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