What Should Be Done After Botox?

after botox
How many hours can I not sleep after Botox?

Among the things to be done after Botox is to protect the sterilization of the area.  Then, in order to get effective results and avoid side effects, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experts.  It is necessary to pay attention to what needs to be done after Botoxand not to violate the rules. For example,  contact with water immediately after botox can cause edema, germs and infection. For this reason, every recommendation must be followed.

How many hours should be taken care of after Botox?

There are many issues to be considered after Botox. Among them, the first 4 and 6 hours are important. After Botox is done, it is necessary not to do certain activities for at least 4 and at most 6 hours. Among the things that should not be done in the first 6 hours after Botox are items such as not entering the bath and sauna.

after botox

How many hours can I not sleep after Botox?

Going to bed after Botox is a procedure that is not recommended. It is necessary not to lie on the face and, if possible, to lie on the non-treated area. In addition, it is recommended not to lie down for the first four hours after botox is done. People who have Botox are advised to be in a standing, sitting or semi-seated position for the first four hours . After Botox, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of mimics, the environment, the posture of the body and many other elements.

What should be considered on the first day of Botox?

 The things to consider on the first day of Botox can be listed as follows:

  • Not to enter places with high humidity and pressure
  • Not washing the face
  • Not putting makeup on the face
  • Not using substances such as masks that will prevent the face from getting air
  • Not lying on the face
  • Not to consume fatty and harmful foods and beverages, especially alcohol,
  • Not doing heavy sports
  • Not being in hot places

It is among the things to be done after Botox. If these elements are taken care of,  the  first twenty-four hours of botox are completed safely.

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Does it hurt when Botox is done?

The question of whether pain is felt while Botox is done is especially wondered by people who will have Botox for the first time. During Botox, no client is hurt and no pain is felt. The main reason for this is that anesthesia is performed during botox application. This anesthesia is a local anesthesia and should not be confused with any surgical anesthesia. Only a special cream is applied to numb the area to be applied. With this cream, the area begins to feel numb and after it is completely numb, the filling begins to be injected. Therefore, no pain is felt in the process.

Is the face washed after Botox?

 Washing the face after Botox is  an application that is not recommended. The area where Botox is applied must be protected for a certain period of time. It is recommended not to wash the area for an average of 6 hours and to avoid contact with water. The most important item to be done after Botox is to protect the region from all kinds of external factors. In this process, it is important to pay attention to many topics from sun rays to contact with water. It is recommended not to wash the face with water in order to avoid any side effects in Botox application and to pass the process smoothly.


Is it possible to get on the plane after Botox?

Boarding a plane after having Botox is usually not recommended. It is recommended to have botox 1 day before traveling. The reason for this is that the pressure is high, especially in air travel. Especially in long travels, there are factors such as the formation of edema and the increase in the rate of lack of air. All these elements are  not among the things to be done after botox. People who want to have Botox can secure themselves by having Botox before traveling.

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